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Metagility: Managing Agile Development for Competitive Advantage

Agile methodologies have become a popular and widely accepted method for managing software development. However, despite this success, managing agile methods has proven to be a real challenge for most companies, particularly those with complex products such as IoT devices and large development environments. As such, agile methods are changing. Many companies have been forced to adopt a hybrid version of agile and waterfall techniques, and this hybrid approach is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception in the industry.

Metagility: Managing Agile Development for Competitive Advantage is the first book to provide a comprehensive approach for managing a new and highly effective breed of agility from the executive level on down. Based on scientific theory and practitioner research, it is the definitive playbook for those seeking the optimal solution for adapting agile to more complex product development and organizational contexts. This desk reference shows organizations how to manage both agile and waterfall techniques to outperform their competition in industries with very high technological change, turbulent markets, and innovation.

Provides valuable insights and guidance on how to manage hybrid agile implementations in situations where traditional agile methods typically fall short, such as with embedded systems where the hardware, firmware, and software are developed in tandem, and for large enterprises and distributed teams

Presents new language for understanding agility including concepts such as business momentum and agile vorticity that provide cutting-edge insights into a company’s position in its market

Describes a method to determine what true agility means and how to achieve it for your company both within your internal organization and your position in the marketplace

Shows how to determine the proper mix of agile and waterfall characteristics for your organization to help you get the most out of your agile strategy in today’s highly competitive and innovative markets

Supplies tools that provide not only the monitors and gauges but the dials and knobs executives can utilize to affect change and achieve optimal results from their agile implementation

WAV offers an agile metrics calculator, agile artifact template, user story workflow info-graphic, and other valuable resources—available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center.

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