About this Publication

Agile change management is the adaptive and iterative planning and execution of change management practices that encourages flexibility and speed. If organizations want to make effective change, they need to recognize and deal with the principles of how change happens within agile organizations and have the tools to make the work happen. In this book, we have identified the principles and practices for managing change in an agile, fast, iterative, environment.

The book is divided into two parts. The first section is the “Principles” for managing change in an agile world. This section teaches background, ideas and approaches for managing change in agile environments, including background on how change happens in these environments as well as the 10 Laws of Agile Change Management.

The second section is the “Practices” for managing change in an agile world. This section is rooted in the day to day tactics for the change leader who manages change in iterative fast-paced change environments, including an agile change management maturity model as well as 10 tools for managing change in agile environments to help people become ready, willing, and able to work in new ways.

About the Author

Kate has over 20 years of business and change management experience helping large and small companies worldwide get people ready, willing, and able to work in new ways. Kate is the co-author of three popular books on organizational change management, The Change Management Pocket Guide, The Eight Constants of Change and Managing Change in an Agile World. Kate's clients have spanned the retail, consumer products, life sciences, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Kate has authored articles in regionally, nationally, and internationally distributed publications and is frequently cited as an expert in the field of organizational change. Kate is also a frequent speaker at conferences and organizational events on the topic of managing change and developing an engaged and productive workforce. Before co-founding Change Guides in 2005, Kate worked with Deloitte Consulting serving clients and shaping the firm's Change Management practice. She earned a BS from the College of William and Mary, an MBA from the Fisher School of Business and a MS from the School of Natural Resources at Ohio State University. Kate is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.