About this Publication

The product owner role is a simple yet ambiguous role in many organizations, but key to their success. The new generation of product owners is emerging in the current environment to show the need for more focus on products and less on projects, more on the long term and less on the short term, more on iterative product approaches and less on predictive ones. This book is written for professionals who need to understand the role of product professionals, beyond Scrum or other agile frameworks, to focus on the customers and the value they need. Gain power skills through examples such as: how to approach the customers, how to practice product ownership, how to develop a product that provides customer value, and organizations will benefit from.

About the Author

Joanna is a Co-Founder of NewGenP, an organization focused on training a new generation of professionals in need to respond quickly to changes. Joanna is also an instructor for University of Toronto SCS.