About this Publication

If you are using Salesforce you are already committed to getting the most out of your tech solutions. In the same mindset, you want to get the most out of team working—maybe you’ve heard of Agile and Scrum—but somewhere along the way habits have formed which aren’t achieving that goal. It can be difficult to know how to start to implement change, and even harder to take others with you on that journey. But, as Ines says, ‘it doesn’t have to be painful’.

In this book, Ines will show you how to make the most out of Agile to:

  • Motivate a team
  • Deliver value to your customers and your business
  • Develop sustainable working practices
  • Encourage adaptability and acceptance
  • Embrace mistakes

Each chapter begins with a real-life example to illustrate a relatable scenario, and concludes with practical, easily implementable suggestions that you can try immediately and recommendations for further reading. Be reassured by Ines’ warm style and years of experience; she knows what the real world is like and this book is your guide through it.

About the Author

Agile Coach and Salesforce MVP, helping organisations to become more agile whilst delivering Salesforce technology. Latest invention: www.theagileretrospectivegame.com Empowering business to evolve digitally at a scale. On a mission to increase productivity, transparency and collaboration with Agile mindset. Signature Themes from The Gallup Organization: Learner, Input, Individualization, Activator and Intellection.