Zenio, Inc.

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  • 1457 Florida Street

    San Francisco CA


    United States

  • Description

  • Zenio is the next-generation Agile Application Lifecycle Management suite that removes friction from the development workflow, leveling up performance across teams. The tool suite nurtures each stakeholder throughout their part of the lifecycle, moving teams up the value curve.

    Zenio combines the complex underlying data of a software project into one unified model, letting each view be an abstraction on top of the current state of the world. Zenio instrumentation is tuned to capture not just facts, but also intent: being able to ask and answer why something is a certain way is fundamental to helping the team to make things better.

    Most tools in this space focus on a narrow use case and a narrow set of users. Our approach is to recognize that each stakeholder is participating in a subtle and multi-faceted, cross-disciplinary process. Each member of the team has a number of activities they engage in to help move the project forward. The information they need to perform these activities varies significantly. Our approach is to recognize the difference in these needs and to create different abstractions on top of this unified data model. These abstractions are presented to the user in the context of specific parts of their involvement in the process, from strategic planning of a product at the highest abstraction, down to the code level at the lowest abstraction. Getting the abstraction right is critical to making it clear what drives a decision. Great abstractions make considerations clear and lead to easier decision making. Because of the seamlessness of the underlying data model, all views of the process are continuously up to date, making sure decisions are made with full, current information.