Zen Ex Machina

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  • 47 Narrambla Terrace

    Lawson AC



  • Description

  • We focus on helping you improve your time to market and ability to innovate. Our results can save you $2M+ per year. We help you build strong, scalable, enterprise agility with real, tangible outcomes. At Zen Ex Machina, we help government and corporates to improve their digital business' products and services by using Agile, Lean and UX methods.

    To meet the challenges that modern organisations face, our management consulting services focus on helping our clients solve complex business problems with solutions of elegant simplicity. ZXM works collaboratively side-by-side with our clients through discovery, alpha, beta and live phases of the project. This helps us to build an understanding for our customers' needs, create feedback loops for fast feedback on products as they are iterated and generate insights in what users want and need from the product.

    Agile methods are at the core of our practice. For us, agile means a disciplined use of methods like Scrum and Lean to achieve goals quickly, collaboratively, with minimal waste, and with high repeatability.

    We have a multidisciplinary approach to service delivery and our agile approach is combined with sound project management capability to ensure timely, cost effective delivery of a quality and value aligned outcome for Users. Our best practice standards based methods ensure better practice governance for planning, scoping, cost estimation, management and oversight of the project.