TeraThink Corporation

Consulting / Training Coaching

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  • 11710 Plaza America Dr #450

    Reston VA



  • Description

  • TeraThink is an exceptionally resourceful team of information technology and management consultants that’s purpose-built to help our clients drive real, rapid progress and make smart, sustainable improvements that lead to less stress and greater operational success. Our seasoned consultants are 100% focused on our government clients, and have a proven track record collaborating with them to dramatically reduce cycle times, do more with less, lower error rates, simplify processes, save money, and equip every client to focus more energy and resources on accomplishing their missions.

    TeraThink was incorporated in 2002 with a primary focus of providing enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration services to the federal government. Since then, our service offerings have evolved to a much broader scope. In 2017 we merged with Dominion Consulting further expanding our ability to serve our customers. Our combined leadership team, guided by our board of directors, provides TeraThink with the experience necessary to innovate and bring value to our customers.