Speednet Communications Limited

  • Location

  • 2.5 Mls Philip Goldson Highway

    Belize City BZ



  • Description

  • Speednet Communication was granted license to offer full telecom services to Belize in August 2003. This was the beginning of a new era that would bring the end of monopoly and the beginning of fair competition to Belizeans. Speednet employees worked arduously to build a new network that would offer innovative products and affordable services. Speednet Communications opened for business in March 2005, with the launch of our cellular brand, Smart. Our objective at that time was to provide the best wireless communication services in Belize at the best rates. Since then the company has grown from a small company providing services to approximately 5,000 customers to a well-respected provider with over 110,000 customers. Today, Speednet can proudly say that the services and products it provides have greatly enhanced the lives of its customers. We are known for competitive rates, unbeatable coverage, superior customer care, and a wide variety of innovative products and services.