• Location

  • 120/26A Ben Van Don street, Ward 9, District 4

    Hồ Chí Minh



  • Description

  • is the Professional Training Network (PTN) consists of
    a group of organizations that has officially recognized as providers of training. Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs) work with PTN members
    to deliver Professional Scrum training and abide by the high-quality standards of

    In the consultant area, clients of Scrumviet are the leading groups/ organizations, who
    are on the journey of Agile Transformation. Experience with Agile/ Scrum and
    domain knowledge are the keys that help Scrumviet success to support the
    organizations transform to be Agile. Above all, Scrumviet understands that there’s
    no formula to copy from this organization to the others. Therefore, with every
    single client, we always have the approach to analyze, to understand the
    differences, then apply the most appropriate and unique methods, to bring the
    highest value to our client.

    There’re some domains where we have experience with training/ consulting: Food
    & Beverage, Media - Marketing & Advertising, Pharmaceutical, Software/ IT,
    Banking, Insurance, etc.