Dotsquares Ltd



Unit 2, Albourne Court Henfield Road
United Kingdom


Dotsquares head office is based in Albourne (near Brighton and Hove), United Kingdom with international offices in USA, Australia and has in-house development centres in Jaipur, India. We work very closely with all our clients, always looking to forge long term relationships, and offer offshore outsourcing services which reduce costs, enhance organisational flexibility and improve business and IT performance. By taking your IT project offshore you can take advantage of a fantastic price that will not be matched by onshore competitors and allows you to cut down on the costs whilst maintaining a quality that even onshore companies struggle to match. We take the pain out of your IT projects and let you concentrate on the business you know best: Your own.

We know that to make IT projects successful you need to have a rigid (yet flexible when needed) project methodology. Whilst others have been working under the formal methodologies such as Waterfall, Scrum, Unified Process etc or a combination of them, we have only ever used Agile since inception in 2002. Why is this? With the way we work on a time & materials basis it gives complete transparency on what work and tasks are being done at any time. Agile requires both client and supplier to be working in unison, constantly interacting and checking completed work on an iterative basis. With our advanced online project management system DSProjects we can give you access to one of our development servers so that you can actually see the work as it is being done. Our Agile project methodology means that we will be looking to our clients to confirm our work as we move on to the next task. This eliminates doubt so that clients understand the development process and any challenges that need to be faced and overcome. There has been has been a perception recently that projects under the more rigid and traditional project management methodologies are suffering from a lack of quality. We have been working with our partners at the well known IT Consultancy at Gartner® to refine our own processes so that we can always deliver high quality web and mobile development projects that provide added business benefits to your organisation.

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