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  • 296 South Main Street, Suite 300

    Alpharetta GA


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  • B2T Training offers an in-depth curriculum with proven skills and techniques for performing successful business analysis in an agile environment; not just for BAs, but anyone in an agile team. Your team will learn to achieve better business outcomes by using "just enough" analysis to understand your problems and opportunities, decide if they are worth addressing and discover appropriate solutions. Beyond the classroom, we make a difference through our holistic approach to learning that reinforces the material and ensures that the training sticks.

    We invite you to take a look at our Agile Business Analysis Boot Camp course: This course was created specifically to address the analysis skills and techniques needed to overcome the complexities and spontaneous scenarios that inevitably occur on an agile project! Our boot camp covers many variations of agile so that these analysis techniques can adapt to different types of projects, different types of agile teams, and even a variety of agile frameworks.

    We Get It. We'll Help You Get It Too.