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Our Mission is to Make the World More Agile.

Our Goal is to help Agile leaders adopt, transform, and master Agility is a Research and Development organization that builds performance models, training, and certifications for current and future Agile leaders.

The Agile Performance Holarchy is a self-organizing behavioral model for adopting, transforming, and mastering Agile Performance within your organization.

Our interactive training and certification program, available online or in-person from our Transformation Partners, is an agile and practical approach to quickly grow your Agile Leadership capability.

Our Podcasts feature successful Agile leaders from public and private sector organizations who share their stories and experiences with you – right on your mobile device or laptop.

The performance models, training, and podcasts are here for you. Model implementation, Agile Transformation, and Assessment solutions are available from our licensed Transformation Partners.

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