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October 25 | Online Event

An online events centered on how to make the entire organization Agile.

OnAgile2017 Keynotes Sessions

OnAgile2017 Co-Chairs

Jason Little

Michael Tardiff

OnAgile2017 Session Videos

Jeff Patton OnAgile2017 Q&A
In this Q&A followup to OnAgile2017, Jeff Patton explains his views on discovery and why you should design like you're right and test like you're wrong. Following is a lightly edited transcript of his conversation with Jason Little, Chair of O…
5 Things You Need to Fix Agile Product Ownership
Agile development has fixed lots of problems in software development. Companies using it consistently deliver working software more predictably than ever before. But, the software they make isn’t necessarily better, or more successful in the marke…
Helping Companies Adopt a Product Centered Approach
Many companies and leaders are looking to adopt a product approach but there is little guidance on how to go about this change. This talk presents a collection of concrete practices shown to help IT organizations make the move or digital product c…
Death of the Product Roadmap
We've moved our delivery practices to lean and agile methods but somehow left our product discovery processes behind. Learn how to leverage just-in-time thinking for product discovery and definition through an upstream Kanban. Create a funnel t…
Building a Product Users Want
We spend most of our time working on digital products with tactical tasks: writing and prioritizing users stories, making design and architecture decision, implementing and testing software, gathering and analyzing user feedback and data, and updatin…
How We Learned to Ship Less Software, Sooner
Our stories are too big, they're taking too long to deliver and we're struggling to pivot. At Nulogy we addressed these pains not with careful retrospection, but by fighting over wrong solutions until the key points became clear. We chose to sh…
Focusing on Value: Getting the Basics Right
Q:"Why should we do Agile?" A:"To bring valuable solution to our customers" Q:"Why?" A:"The purpose of business is to create and keep customers - said Peter Drucker. So we need to provide valuable solution to problems that customers have so …

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