OnAgile 2016: Join Doc Norton on October 20

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Doc Norton is a software delivery professional and international speaker, working to make the world of software development a better place. He is the CEO and co-founder of  CTO2, where he has applied tenants of Agile, Lean, systems thinking, and servant leadership to develop highly effective cultures and drastically improve their ability to deliver valuable software and products.

Doc’s contribution to OnAgile 2016 is an eye-opening insight on teams. Doc Norton is presenting "Dynamic Teams: Fluidity for the Win!" at OnAgile 2016 on October 20.He will present Dynamic Teams: Fluidity for the Win!, an outstanding session in which he will discuss stable delivery teams, the well-known Tuckman’s Theory, and utilization fallacy. He will also share what socialization, mitosis, volunteer fire departments, and trading places all have in common!

Be sure to join on us October 20th for this and many more virtual presentations.

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Becky Hartman is an energized and organized professional with more than a decade of combined experience in both Traditional and Agile methodologies with a predominant focus in the Information Technology arena. An articulate, collaborative communicator at all levels of an organization, she possesses a strong ability to internalize and share knowledge critical to successful projects. Becky is a detail-oriented, results-focused, and self-motivated individual with a history of facilitating successful outcomes for both the organization and the project team no matter the methodology.

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