On Diversity, Inclusion, and Agile Alliance

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Last night at the Agile Alliance Members’ Annual Meeting a question was asked about our efforts around diversity and inclusion, and specifically about the makeup of the Agile Alliance Board. I applaud the member who pointed out that our current board makeup isn’t an accurate representation of the diversity that we see here at the conference.

When I was presented with this question, it was a real teaching moment. I spoke when I should have listened.

As an organization, Agile Alliance welcomes the feedback. We want to be an organization that meets the needs of its members and is representative of all members.

Today, I want to apologize. And I want to say thank you for your question and thank you for the teaching moment. I, and Agile Alliance, can and will do better.

Please join us and share your perspective. One way to do that is here: agilealliance.org/diversityandinclusion

I humbly look forward to continuing the conversation.


Phil Brock
Managing Director
Agile Alliance

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Phil joined Agile Alliance in 2006 and assumed the role of Managing Director in 2008. During his tenure, Agile Alliance has grown to nearly
73,000 members and subscribers worldwide. He left the organization in August, 2020 to pursue different dreams.

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