India Agile Community Events

Agile Community Development in India is spearheaded by Deepti Jain, assisting the community of Lean-Agile Leaders, Learners, and Experts, guided and supported by Agile Alliance. This work is done in association with India’s Agile CoP AgileVirgin and Women in Agile and Tech. They run different events, focused to meet different needs of the community.

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AgilityToday Unconference

AgilityToday is India’s first 2-day Unconference, started in 2018 and hosted in the National Capital Region of India. This unconference is the heart of a year-long learning program facilitated by AgileVirgin in association with Women in Agile and Tech. Since 2020, Agile Alliance and its members have been our partners in this mission. Officially known as “Building Future Leaders and Change Agents”, it is now an initiative of Agile Alliance that will help us build leaders and change agents in India, shape the culture of the country, help its industries achieve a true Agile Mindset, and offer the opportunity to change agents and leaders of of the world to use their knowledge and skills to help this initiative and create a multicultural learning and growth platform for all. Here are the various Agility Enabling Spaces that AgilityToday creates:

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  3. All presentations can be found here


A Narrathon is a peer learning experience in which we will guide and mentor each other in capturing our learning as PROBES. Overall efforts will be shepherded by the founders and designers of Probes, Jutta Eckstein, and John Buck. They will work with you over multiple weeks via 4 live online sessions and multiple offline communications.

Agile Career Bootcamp

This event takes place in one of the Agility-Enabling Spaces at AgilityToday. We provide all the needed resources to Agile enablers so that they can upgrade their performance and career and become a thought leader who can help him/herself, his/her organization, colleagues, friends, product, end-users and clients. You can check this year’s photos on our Facebook page. Offerings of ACB are as following:

  1. Introduction to a Career as Agile Enabler
  2. Discovery Workshop to introduce emerging patterns in the Agile Industry and establish personal strengths and areas of improvement
  3. Open House with Industrial Leaders to find out what recruiters need in your profile
  4. Profile building for upgrades to your resume and LinkedIn profile to convey the right information about your skills to recruiters


Agile Coach Camp

Agile Coach Camp is an initiative of Agile Alliance, dedicated to coaches connecting, sharing, learning, and networking from around the globe! This year AgileVirgin brought Agile Coach Camp to the NCR Region, with AgilityToday 2020 – Agile Coach Camp NCR. You can check all photos onthe  ACC-NCR Facebook Page. We intend to organize many other coach camps across different cities of India. As COVID19 forced us to rethink our plans, we are also experimenting with virtual events and are hosting Agile Coach Camp IndiaOpen that’s planned for the 15th and 16th of August, 2020 at 19:30 to 22:30 IST. Join us for a knowledge and cultural exchange.

Agile Job Fair

A region can not grow if its industries and people aren’t doing well. Companies and professionals in the NCR region had been trying to adopt Agile but for a majority the adoption stops at mimicking Scrum. It never goes into adopting values and always fails to penetrate the thick layer of old culture and mindset. We are working on the knowledge gap part by bringing in various educational and learning programs to the region. But it won’t be helpful until companies find the right Agile Enablers and Agile Enablers don’t get the right jobs. To address this, we have created an Agile Job Fair to bridge the gap between Agile Talent and Opportunities. We do this annually after the AgilityToday Unconference. But the future of this work is to create virtual job fairs, so that Agilists and organizations in various cities can join and benefit.

Dream Big

Dream Big is a Women’s Day Special Event organized by AgileVirgin under the AgilityToday umbrella, as a part of the Women in Agile and Technology (W.A.T) initiative. Every year we organize DREAM BIG close to Women’s Day. Women from different walks of life join us, share their experiences and aspirations, network, and seek support from each other. All this is accompanied by workshops that help women in personal discoveries and development. It ends with celebration of achievements of W.A.T Officers.


Agile-A-Thon is a learning experience marathon for Agilists around the world. It consists of 8 sprints (each with a timebox of 1 week). It involves Continuous Learning, Challenging, and Networking. Agile-A-thon contest runs every year over 2 months in June and July, with registration happening during the entire month of May.


Funconf = Fun + Unconf. It is India’s First Unconference focused on Gamification for cultivating and fostering Innovation, Collaboration, Hyper-Productivity, Employee Engagement, Agile Adoption / Transformation / Sustenance, Continuous Improvement, Actionable Retrospection, Purposeful Reporting and …  the list can be endless. With Funconf, we want to provide an immersive exploration of serious games at work. Games are activities focused on teaching, demonstrating, and improving organizational Productivity, Agility, and Effectiveness through fun activities and simulations. So far we have done 3 editions of Funconf – 2 in-person and one online (forced by COVID19, but amazed by the results). You can check details here:

Change Agents Summit

Change Agents Summit is India’s first Flip Conference that intends to establish academia for Change Agents, which facilitate Research, Report Writing, and an Ecosystem that will equip our Change Agents with the knowledge and tools needed to survive and thrive in an ever-changing landscape in their industries. We have been doing it since 2018, and the immediate focus and the first step is to create a ‘State of Agile Transformation in India’ (as outlined an Agile Alliance experience report by Deepti Jain and Tathagat Verma). This is a work in progress, and this year we plan to take it online, thanks to COVID19, but we feel that this will help us in getting response from the wider community. The planned schedule for the event is:

19, 20, 26 & 27 Sept 2020 (online: 9AM – 1PM IST)

  • 19 Sept:
    1. Initiate Agile Adoption
    2. Enabling Agile Transformation
  • 20 Sept:
    1. Scaling Agile Transformation
    2. Sustaining Agile Transformation
  • 26 Sept:
    1. Impact of Indian Mindset & Culture
    2. Conclusion
  • 27 Sept:
    1. Reflection and Retrospective
    2. Future-of-Work define