World Agility Forum

Around the world companies are reinventing themselves so they can innovate more effectively. This transformation is called Agility. The World Agility Forum held in Lisbon will bring together top companies, their leaders, and leading Agilists to explore the challenges and celebrate the success of Agility.

The highlight of the day is the gala dinner that celebrates those people and organizations that have benefited from applying the Agile mindset to their business and culture.

Agile Human Factors

Agile is undoubtedly connected to information technologies and hardly ever ran away from this concept but … it’s teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage. Yes, culture makes us different, and technology make us the same, and this conference is a turning point to all of us to understand that mixing this two ingredient leads to innovation and creativity. The Agile Human Factors conference wants to respond to these challenges using the techniques of teamwork: 1- Leadership 2- Psychological safety 3- Flow 4- Cognitive Bias 5- Continuous Feedback.

eXperience Agile

Agile is an approach that is being used by companies around the world to get to increase speed to market, improve quality, and do more work in less time while providing more value to customers.

eXperience Agile is a revolutionary event that brings together thought leaders from around the world to share industry best practices and strategies that can be applied across a variety of industries, such as, IT, hardware, infrastructure, marketing, HR, finance, and even outside of work as Personal Agility to help you do more of what matters in your life.

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World Agility Forum Call For Nominations


The World Agility Forum is a global program in collaboration with Agile Alliance that highlights both individuals and organizations for their effort and commitment to initiatives in achieving Agility. We applaud you for behaving and thinking differently to bring more value to your customers and being a game-changer in the global economy. It will be held in Lisbon and live broadcast worldwide on the 26th and 27th of September!

We have an open call for nominations as we speak for 8 categories:

  • Team Agility
  • Customer Service Leader
  • Enabling Organization
  • Overall Transformational Initiative
  • Community Organization
  • Design and Creative Agility
  • Agile Great Place to Work
  • Leadership Agility

If you’re part of an organization that you think should be recognized in their path to Agility, please submit your story here!