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Intent-Based Leadership: Principles to Practices

July 5 All day

What is it about Intent-Based Leadership that sets it apart from other legitimate approaches to leading people to excellence? How does the story of a submarine captain translate into our culture in the knowledge economy? Based on the theory and case studies, what can I actually do to improve psychological safety, improve engagement, and enable people to thrive at work?

In this talk Gareth Holebrook will demonstrate human behaviour patterns that are driven from the industrial age which holds a legacy in the way we speak with one another, and especially how we lead. Through this exploration he will cover red, (doing), work as well as deciding, (blue work), and how we can safely enable the doers to become the deciders.

This is based on the book “Leadership is Language” by L.David Marquet, who also wrote the Bestseller, “Turn The Ship Around!”.

Gareth has been working with Marquet and his team at Intent-Based Leadership International for 4 years and has a mission to bring the patterns he has learned back to New Zealand.

About Gareth:
Also ex navy, Gareth has always been fascinated by leadership. His foray into agile coaching from Project Management in 2012 was to place an emphasis on servant leadership and enabling teams to excel.

In 2015 he attended a workshop at Agile Australia with David Marquet and has been using Intent-Based Leadership since. In 2020 Gareth approached David and offered to contribute and join his team. Since then he has been working with biotech companies in California, New York financial Institutions a Western Australian hospital and first responders here in New Zealand to broaden the awareness of the approaches of Intent-Based Leadership.


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