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Improving Visibility with Dual-Track

December 13 All day

Wednesday, December 13 • 11 AM – 12:30 PM ETOnline

Build better products by engaging your engineers sooner in the product development cycle. Product-focused Scrum teams can benefit from the enhanced collaboration following the Dual-Track Agile approach provides. Dual-Track adds visibility to the discovery work the Product Owner (PO), Product Manager (PM), and UX Researcher (UX) carry out. It is a way to augment Scrum for product-focused teams. All the research and design work to prepare stories for getting to the Definition of Ready are made visible. It means this work is no longer hidden from the developers, but rather is shared with them daily.

The work isn’t brought into a sprint, as it is the work to prepare for a sprint. Instead, the team uses a Kanban board to show the work in progress an item goes through by the PO, PM, and UX portion of the team while it is still in the discovery phase of the work. Once the story meets the Definition of Ready it is available for the team to pull into a sprint as usual. The goal is improved collaboration and knowledge sharing of the work that is being prepared for future sprints. The Scrum events are augmented to incorporate the sharing of this work with the rest of the Scrum team. In this session, you will learn what Dual-Track is and how to get started.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what Dual-Track means
  • Understand the benefits
  • Understand how Dual-Track is carried out using Jira
  • Understand how to modify Scrum events to share discovery work

Meet Your Speaker

Jannette Brace is an accomplished Agile coach and leader who has guided and supported companies of all sizes and industries on their Agile journey. With a deep understanding of Agile principles and practices, Jannette has a pragmatic and flexible approach to working with clients; she meets them where they’re at, helping them create business agility that adds value to their organization and achieves the desired business outcomes. Jannette is a skilled facilitator, trainer, and mentor. She is passionate about empowering teams to self-organize, continuously improve, and deliver value to their customers. Jannette is known for building strong relationships with her clients; from the onset of every engagement, Jannette develops trust and rapport with stakeholders and teams through her deep knowledge and commitment to their success.

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