[Event] Women in Agile Workshop: July 24, 2016

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The purpose of the Agile Alliance Women in Agile initiative, led by Natalie Warnert, is to encourage, support, and expand women’s presence in the Agile community. The program seeks to leverage Natalie’s graduate thesis, which identifies reasons women Agilists are less active than their male counterparts.

The first program event — a workshop, The Changing Face of Agile — will be held on the afternoon of July 24, the Sunday before Agile2016, at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia. Whether you’re a woman (or man) who is very involved or are looking to become more involved in this endeavor, the Lean Coffee format will help you gain an understanding of the symptoms of this gap and how to address them through greater levels of knowledge and idea sharing with the entire community — men and women alike. You will take away insights from others, tools to increase your own involvement, and a support group to help you achieve your goals.

You do not need to attend Agile2016 or be an Agile Alliance member to attend this workshop.


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