Earning PDUs for Attending an Agile Alliance Conference

Can I receive PMI PDUs for Attending Agile2022?

If you hold a PMI certification, you can claim Professional Development Units (PDUs) for attending sessions at Agile2022 via the Continuing Certification Requirements System.

Report each conference session separately under the Education category.

The content of the session must align with PMI’s Talent Triangle® in at least one of the following skills areas:

  • Technical project management: Knowledge, skills, and behaviors related to specific domains of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management.
  • Leadership: Knowledge, skills, and behaviors specific to leadership-oriented, cross-cutting activities that help an organization achieve its business goals.
  • Strategic and business management: Knowledge of and expertise in the industry or organization that enhances performance and better delivers business outcomes.

You can earn one (1) PDU for each hour of a session that relates to the PMI Talent Triangle. Because Agile2019 sessions are 75 minutes in length, you can earn up to 1.25 PDUs for attending a full session. You can submit PDUs in .25 increments.

If a session relates to multiple parts of PMI’s Talent Triangle® only a portion of a session relates to topics relevant to the PMI Talent Triangle skill areas, you should calculate PDUs by the percentage of the overall content focused on the applicable skill area.

For example, if you attend a session where 30 minutes covers leadership and 45 minutes covers strategic and business management you would report .5 PDUs for leadership and .75 PDUs for strategic and business management.

PMI periodically audits PDU submission and requires sufficient documentation as proof of your attendance. If you are selected for an audit of your PDU submission, the conference program that was included in your conference bag can be used as documentation of your attendance.

Keep in mind that you are required to complete a specific number of PDUs in each area of the PMI Talent Triangle each renewal cycle. The number of PDUs varies for each certification, so refer to the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements Handbook for specific requirements and additional information about claiming PDUs.

If you present a session at Agile2019, you can claim one (1) PDU for every hour of a session you present under the Giving Back category in the Continuing Certification Requirements System.

There are limits on the numbers of Giving Back PDUs that can be claimed, so you should review the PMI Continuing Certification Requirements Handbook for specific details.

If you don’t find an answer to your questions in the handbook, you can also contact PMI’s customer care team.