Billboards on the Road to Hell: Failing at Change in the Geek Trades

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Thursday, Mar 18 — Online

 09:00am PT | 12:00pm ET | 6:00pm CET

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Changing things is the central act of professional software development, but many of our change attempts are fruitless, or even counterproductive. GeePaw argues that we’re misusing our most powerful tool: our minds.

Our minds do their work by using what cognitive science calls frames. These frames — largely unconscious bundles of script and roles and stereotyped relationships — aren’t only what we think, they’re really how we think.

But not every frame is useful in every context, and when our frames don’t fit the work, that’s when it all gets ugly. So how can we tell when we’re headed down a bad road? Easy. Just read the billboards!

What to Expect

A fantastic talk that combines practical insights with wry humor followed by a Q&A session and discussion about what to do with what you’ve learned.

Why You Should Come

deliver:Agile Live! series curator Cat Swetel says:

GeePaw Hill is a fixture of the deliver:Agile community. He’s participated in every deliver:Agile conference, including the conferences under the AATC banner. For the 2021 deliver:Agile Live! series, we will open our monthly series with an interactive keynote from GeePaw.

This talk will dive into and expand on some of the material GeePaw has explored over the past year in his weekly “muses”, especially the Change Harvester Theory of software development where the point is not to avoid rework but rather to lean in and appreciate the need for change.

As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto, GeePaw is the perfect keynote. He has been around since the early days of XP, but he spends no time wishing for the good old days. GeePaw is constantly inviting the next generation of software developers to consider their craft and engage in better, more humane ways of working. As we begin to ask, “What does Agile software development look like in the 2020s?” there is no one I would rather kickoff that conversation.


GeePaw Hill is a professional harvester of the value of change in the software development industry. A geek for forty years, he’s spent the last two decades helping individuals, teams, and organizations take steps to become closer to who or how they wish to be. You can learn more about GeePaw and reach out to him via his website.


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