April 30 - May 2, 2018   |   JW Marriott   |   Austin, TX


Deliver:Agile is focussed on the creation and building of great software which means that our teams often cross a wide range of disciplines.

To assist your submission, the following are the general topic areas that the program review team are looking for in the conference program.

Cloud Computing

On-demand access to global computing resources changed everything. It changed what we build, how we build it and where we deploy it. Within minutes, you can stand up a virtual server in Germany, or provision a geo-redundant relational database. But with this new capability, comes a whole new set of challenges.

We are looking for submissions that focus on real stories, technologies and patterns that companies rely on to successfully use cloud to solve business problems and that introduce key technologies, compare and contrast architectural options and share lessons learned. The target audience includes developers, operators and architects.  Attendees should leave each session with ideas and examples that will help them effectively use cloud technologies in their organization.

User Experience

What does it mean to do User Experience design and implementation in an Agile way in 2018? This topic area covers all areas of UX including interaction design, visual design, Information architecture, accessibility and usability.

We are looking for submissions that explore the intersection between UX and modern practices that embody the principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto with a focus on emerging agile practices and new uses of established agile practices in any area of UX work, including planning, execution and evaluation. The target audience includes technical team practitioners and / or their immediate managers. Attendees should leave each session being able to try a new practice and with an understanding of its potential impact.


Across industries, companies are trying to get better at software. Where to start? Many teams adopt DevOps practices to deliver better software, faster. We've learned, however, that DevOps requires a different approach, and a different toolset. These teams take ownership of their product lifecycle and focus on getting valuable changes deployed quickly. But this automation-centric approach requires new technology to be successful.

We are looking for submissions that offer guidance for incorporating DevOps-friendly technologies, that walk through real-world examples of adoption and introduce the audience to the patterns and practices that leading companies employ to make DevOps a reality. The target audience includes developers and system administrators. Attendees should leave each session with a handful of practical next steps for kick-starting their DevOps transition.

Development Practices and Craftsmanship

Code is at the center of all software development. We literally don’t have software if we don’t have code. The way that we create it, grow it, and tend it matters.

We are looking for submissions that outline testing, design and development techniques, along with research and experiences related to them. Attendees should leave each session with practical guidance for keeping software healthy over its lifetime in our organizations.