Agile Alliance Corporate Membership Benefits

We asked some of our Members why they were planning to renew their memberships. Here’s what they said...

  • I benefited a lot from the Agile Conference in Orlando. The experience was invaluable.
  • Continue to gain access to incredible source of knowledge and share the same with others.
  • I like that The Alliance is neutral with respect to Frameworks, tools, etc. and is rooted in the Agile Manifesto: Values & Principles (too often ignored in the engagements I see.)
  • Because I do know that there are a lot of great resources available including videos/content from conferences, etc. that are great resources.
  • Because I will go to the 2018 conference. And, I will continue to leverage resources throughout the year.
  • This is important to me and this will be one of the mechanisms to help me learn more and see where the future is headed.
  • Agile Alliance fulfills a unique role in our industry and is really the only organization that supports the advancement of Agile without the agenda of certifications or other money-making schemes.
  • I want to stay up to date.
  • Great events and networking.
  • To enhance and advance my knowledge of Agile.
  • Great networking opportunities.
  • Continued education and information.
  • The site and the information are great.
  • Access to training materials.
  • Feel like I'm getting value out of the membership.
  • Good resource. Expect to continue attending the conference.
  • Still so much to learn, so many resources to get through.
  • You are part of my professional development...why would I not renew?
  • Continue to receive discounted registration fees and keep up with new content.
  • Continued access to material and discounts to conferences.
  • I always renew – it's my favorite place to go for Agile content.
  • It is useful to be part of this group from a professional standpoint.

Member Benefits

Memberships for Your Employees

Provide for Your Employees

A set of Individual Memberships for employees at no cost based on your Corporate Membership Tier. Get your employees hooked into all the Agile Alliance Membership benefits at no cost to them. Take advantage of conferences, Member-only content, and more.

Logo Placement & Corporate Directory Listing

Advertise Yourself as a Corporate Member

Show you’re a member of the Agile community by placing your logo placed in the Corporate Members section of and creating a listing in the Corporate Member Directory.

Learn from 150+ Members Only Videos

Learn. Stay Up to Date. Advance.

Every year Agile enthusiasts attend Agile Alliance conferences. And while there’s no substitute for actually being at a conference, the next best thing is videos of the sessions. With an Agile Alliance membership, you get access to more than 150 of these Member-Only videos!   Join Now

Get Massive Discounts for Agile Alliance Conferences

Agile Alliance conferences are legendary for their great speakers, invaluable networking opportunities, irreplaceable community bonding experiences, highly interesting workshops, and great social events. As a Corporate Member, your employees will get the special Corporate rate!   Join Now

Post Your Books on the Website

Market Yourself & Your Books

Are you a book author on an Agile topic? As a member you can post your book on and put it in front of a highly-targeted Agile audience.   Join Now

Post Your Company’s Training Classes and Events on the Website

Let the Agile Community Know about Your Events

Do you or your company run Agile training classes or conferences? As a Member, you can list your event on and get the word out faster and wider to the Agile community.   Join Now

Volunteer at the Annual Agile Conference

Become a Community Insider

There is no better way to become part of the Agile community than to volunteer at the yearly Agile conferences. You meet amazing people, develop amazing relationships, and make invaluable connections.   Join Now

Form an Agile Alliance Initiative

Get Support in Supporting the Agile Community

Have an idea to support the Agile Community but need some help? As a Member, you can form an Agile Alliance Initiative and pursue your Agile goals to your heart’s content.   Join Now

View Research Papers

Geek Out on Scientific Support for Agile

As an Agile Alliance Member, you get access to our collection of very well documented, in-depth research papers. If you ever wanted to see the scientific support for agile techniques, then this is for you.   Join Now

Vote for New Board Members

Have Your Voice Heard

At its heart, Agile Alliance is about community. You have a larger and more important role in that community when you vote for the all important board members. As a Member, you have that ability.   Join Now

And, so much more!

Discover all of the benefits of becoming a member of the leading organization promoting the concepts of Agile Software Development.