Practical Agility

About Practical Agility

Our Goals:
Create a forum for practitioners to discuss experiences, success, and struggles.
Discuss and promote measurable agility and continuous leaning.
Focus on conversation over presentaion.

Our Format:
Five to six people give short lightning talks (5 - 7 minutes each)
Speakers focus on starting discussion and pose questions of the community
After the talks the community discusses the topics in a fishbowl format.

The Logistics:
Food and drinks are provided by DevJam ( at 5:30.
The lightning talks start at 6:00 and the fishbowl goes from at 6:30 to 7:30
The discussions after the fishbowl take place in the Practical Agility Google Group

Please stop by and share your experiences, struggles and solutions. It takes a community ...!forum/practical-agile