Limited WIP Society Italia

Milan, Italy

About Limited WIP Society Italia

We are a team of passionate professionals with a mission to improve everyday life by sharing knowledge.

By making the values of the Agile and Lean world deeply ours, we make ourselves available to all people who can benefit from our skills and experiences.

Are you a manager, an entrepreneur, a professional looking for an effective approach to quickly identify the most correct solution and to implement it, replacing toxic procedures?

Are you a lover of agility and wonder why most agile transformations fail?

Do you want to understand how to improve predictivity and efficiency in your work by applying scientific method and statistical tools?

Do you believe that work can no longer be stressful, but that it must be transformed to allow everyone to produce value for themselves and others, together, as we achieve our goals?

Are you looking for innovative but consolidated tools to manage business change, solve systemic problems and deliver services and products in a smart way, innovating with an iterative and modular approach?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions, you are already part of this community.

If you're wondering how a set of principles and practices, simple and used for decades, like Kanban, can be a lifestyle, this is your community.

If, on the other hand, you're asking yourself "Scrum or Kanban?", help us to change the question and make you a protagonist in this community :D

In any case, welcome! Together we Kanban!