Integral Agile

New York

About Integral Agile

The Integral Agile community is absorbed with the question of: "Why does scaling Agile process so infrequently scale Agile results?" Here we discuss the various hacks we have adapted to take the impact we create beyond what’s typically possible.

Our community is the result of 3 years of intensive work involving about 20 people to create what we call The Integral Agile Approach. This is not a new framework (we sure don’t need more of those), but rather a way to expand whatever you are already doing to not only create great business results, but to inspire and actually change people’s lives. We spend the majority of our time at work, and for most, this is a chore at best, and a soul crushing slog at worst. What if it was possible to be fully lit up at work, where people together can express their full talents and passion to give their unique gifts to the world?

That's our mission, if that sounds fun to you, come join the conversation!