Agile NYC

About Agile NYC

Agile NYC is a non-profit organization organized by the (A)gile-team – a group of Agile enthusiasts and professionals. Joe Krebs founded Agile NYC in January 2007 with the goal to connect local practitioners and industry experts. Today, Agile NYC stands for 7 Years of Agile Excellence Serving the NYC metropolitan area. We focus on making people great project leaders by focusing on Value, Customers, Teams, Individuals, Context and Uncertainty.

We organize regular monthly user group meetings and the annual 1-day conference called “Agile Day”. We also promote open space conference formats in our bi-yearly Agile NYC OPEN.We embrace all flavors of agile processes, for example Lean, Scrum, eXtreme Programming or Kanban.

If you like to stay connected with us and would like to receive news about upcoming events, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter. If you like to get involved and would like to help organize future events, please reach out to us directly.