Adelaide Scales Agile Community Meetup

Adelaide, South Australia

About Adelaide Scales Agile Community Meetup

This group has been set up to share & practice skills, tools and techniques agile teams at scale. This group also has a LinkedIn presence to support sharing of knowledge and ideas with the Adelaide Scaled Agile Community.

The cadence for the meetup has changed through this time of covid and has been less regular. However our new normal has opened the opportunity to offer a remote meetup that can reach a broader audience of guest speakers than ever before. Distance has never been a constraint, only our imagination to realise it.

This is a forum to collaborate with like minded people who are simply interested in this topic, evolving beyond the single agile team or have experience in scaling teams and transforming organisations. As a forever learner I tend to explore learning opportunities that I am keen to share back with the community and I am very much encouraging this group to help do the same.

We can share new ideas and concepts, experiments that have worked or you have learned from, or even your recent A-ha! moments. We can even pose problems you are facing and benefit from the collective wisdom of this group to help come up with alternatives to explore.

If this sounds like something you want to help create then join up, you are most welcome!