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Greg Martin

Greg Martin (he/him/they/them) has been trying to figure out why people are the way they are for the last half century or so. He was accidentally exposed to the Agile Manifesto in about 2003, whereupon he immediately dismissed it as a new name for stuff we already knew. A few years later, somebody smarter than he explained it to him, and he saw the value. He’s been trying to explain it to other people ever since with varying degrees of success. After a long and storied career as a software engineer, he has now settled into a role as a software development manager at Amazon, where he has found his calling: building safe environments in which software engineers can be their authentic selves and thrive while building great software for their customers. Among his innumerable hobbies, Greg is the Cranky Old Cuber on YouTube.

Hello, my name is Greg, and I’m a serial hobbyist. I’m looking forward to being your guide for Hobby Hall, a new element at this year’s Agile2022 conference in Nashville. Bri…
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