David Bishop

Dr. David A. Bishop is a technologist, consultant, researcher, entrepreneur, and instructor with over 25 years of experience in telecommunications, transportation, government, and utility industries. David holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, an MBA with a concentration in IT management, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Georgia State University. He is the author of Metagility: Managing Agile Development for Competitive Advantage, Elizabeth’s Song, The Big Brother’s Guides, and numerous other books and articles and is a frequent contributor to IEEE’s Engineering Management Review, and an inventor of several U.S. patents. David is CEO and Founder of Agile Worx, LLC, (http://www.agile-worx.com) a firm that provides program and project management software tools, training, and consulting services. He is a member and committee chair for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) based in Geneva Switzerland, a member of ANSI, and a Senior Member of the IEEE and the Association for Computing Machinery. David is also a research associate with the Center for Engaged Business Research at Georgia State University, and founding chair for the Atlanta chapter of the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society.

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