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Ferzeen Anis

I’m passionate about effective communication and working collaboratively, understanding that humans are uniquely capable for growth and change. By putting the person first, I challenge myself to identify learning opportunities and foster growth mindsets in complex environments. I’m an agile coach, scrum master, globally accredited trainer, transformation consultant, public speaker and life coach. I work with people from all levels of an organisation, from many walks of life and in a wide variety of industries, helping all experience professional and personal development. I consider myself a translator foremost, mediating understanding between customers, business and technology with ease. I am a mirror second, allowing people to leverage their own untapped potential. I love what I do, and my mission is to help others love what they do.

Experience Reports
In a time when we are needing to re-focus on values and principles over processes and tools, we tend to forget that in order to carve a sense of “we”, we must understand the “…
Event Sessions
As an Enterprise Transformation Coach, one of the greatest challenges tends to be bringing teams along a journey that appears to be top-down, even when support exists at a tea…

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