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Wayne Wang

Wayne Wang is experienced in all aspects of IT systems delivery and operations, from strategic planning, portfolio management, project initiation, systems design, build, implementation, support, and operations. Wayne is a strong advocate for building quality in every step of the IT value chain using Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, and DevOps principles and best practices. In the last a few years, Wayne found a new passion for helping organizations to move from the traditional waterfall method to Agile, supported by automated CI/CD pipelines, and DevOps culture. He built a team from scratch to develop CI/CD capacity for a development organization with several hundred developers in one of the top 6 global automotive company. The initiative was so successful that it reduced defects to production by 95%, while significantly increased the frequency of release. Currently, Wayne is leading the enterprise DevOps initiative at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., as its senior manager for DevOps. Wayne’s current focus is to move value-added features into production safely and quickly, in order to facilitate and accelerate the organization’s massive digital transformation initiatives.

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