Marsha coined the term Business Anthropology in the 1990's, claiming that commerce, society, and the brain co-evolved. Work is in our biology (career is not; money is not.) Value exchanges are inescapable; our brains evolved to keep us focused on exchanging. Customers, providers and communities are mammals, living in arising ecosystems; wired to care for their own and know who has their back. Her models count on that. To an arising world she brings Ecosystem Intelligence (EcoiQ). Lovingly honed with forward-thinking businesspeople and multi-far-reaching disciplines. Six interacting practices energize - enable access to - collective intelligence. EcoiQ recruits primal neural pathways that naturally co-welcome the adventures of fresh value. Marsha’s passion is de-obfuscating the forces that make 'work' and 'business' a source of stress, rather than collective keeping. Her practices include a leading indicator: how do we measure what happens – aka value generated - when EcoPartners reliably bring full ingenuity to the great human game of helping each other thrive? A user-friendly Vitality Metric tracks value generated, readily comparing with standard quarterly indicators. Marsha honed her tools over four decades. Modifying Game Theory, she led senior teams to develop fresh success measures: early indicators that enabled new, winnable business games. Leaders from Fortune 10 to microbiz have developed profitable, sustainable products and processes with EcoiQ and MasterMoves. EcoiQ Six Practices breed healthy environments, embrace learning and welcome change as opportunity. Her work has included 15 years teaching leadership, and 39 coaching/facilitating. A popular speaker and beloved teacher, she continues to illuminate how to harness the primary power of commerce. She wants everyone to know how to exchange more skillfully - anywhere, anytime. It’s our legacy. Starting at Reed College in 1961, her education includes doctoral study at UCLA and Berkeley, as well as numerous post-graduate courses. Marsha is an active member of the Society for Affective Science and Nasty Women Get Shit Done (NWGSD,) and a practitioner of Leadership Embodiment. Find Marsha at