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Donald “Mark” Haynes

I’m a renaissance man trapped in a specialist’s body. My degree is in biologist. That’s why I’m in IT. I’ve worked as a software developer with an elegant language for a more civilized age. I became a QA guy because breaking things is therapeutic. I became a process specialist because it’s easier to negotiate with a terrorist than a Methodologist. I have been working as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. I have drunk the Kool-aid and it tastes good. Lately, I have been focusing on writing and speaking. Agile is a philosophy, not a methodology. How long have I been agile? My answer: always.

If you implement Scrum ceremonies, you are technically doing Scrum, but are you embracing an Agile philosophy? Is your team engaged in productive work valued by the stakeholde…
Scrum masters are continuously looking for anti-patterns to help guide their team back onto the path of agility. But what if the anti-pattern originates from themselves? That’…
Are you concerned that your team might have strayed from the foundational principles of Scrum or deviated from its core practices? What are the warning signs and what can you …
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