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João Rosa

I believe in a network organisation, beyond the traditional set-up. Within IT, we are used to discussing business and technology, trying to reduce the gap. What if we embrace a new way of operating, where we provide a product/service (either digital or physical), based on Product Engineering thinking? In my recent past as a consultant, I advise and help companies doing the leap towards a Product Engineering thinking. At the same time, I genuinely believe that we need to adjust the management behaviour towards leadership practices, where we empower everyone to make decisions. I’m a Domain-Driven Design practitioner, with a special interest in the strategic design. It is the intersection of people, processes and technology, where many other techniques and tools born. Today we can classify it as socio-technical architecture. I’m also co-organizer of meetups in The Netherlands; DDD Nederland and Visual Collaboration Tools Netherlands. Public speaker and trainer. Co-author of the Visual Collaboration Tools book (

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