Audree Tara Sahota

Audree Tara Sahota, B.Msc, Chief Metaphysics Officer and co-founder of SHIFT314 Inc with Michael K. Sahota. She has mastery over many practices and techniques for rapidly shifting consciousness. Since 1994 she has held advanced professional certifications in energetic healing, meditation and yoga, including 5 years as the lead Energetic Healer on the medical team of WomanCare Inc (Chicago area). Audree holds professional designations from: Scrum Alliance (CSM), University of Metaphysics (B.Msc), Brennan Healing Science, EnergyTouch Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master/Teacher, Theta Healer, OT Advanced Coaching, Enwaken Coaching & Leadership, Breatharian Pranic Healer and Oneness University Advance Trainer, India. Audree is the lead trainer, coach and curriculum developer for SHIFT314’s deeper leadership offerings. She has developed a unique integration of human psychology, disease, consciousness and mindset allowing her to evolve people through the toughest, most subtle life-long blocks and obstacles. In 2008, Audree created Evolutionary Energetics, a technology for rapidly shifting consciousness. Audree has been a radio host, with her acclaimed “Grounding Meditations for the Shift in Consciousness”. In 2014, published “The Authorities, Evolution of Consciousness of the Entrepreneur”, she published “Emotional Science: The Key to High Performance,” (2018) “The Truth of the Naked Soul” (2019) a children’s book “The Fairy Princess, A love Story.”(2020) Audree and Michael co-authored "Leading Beyond Change, A Practical Guide to Business Agility" (BK Books, 2021) Leadership is paramount to Audree’s vision… “Leaders influence how the masses live, having leaders who lead, implementing structures from high states of consciousness, is what will change the world in which we live.” -Audree Tara Audree uses her in depth training in human psychology, and disease and energy to laser coach her clients through the toughest, most subtle life long blocks and obstacles.