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Piet Syhler

With a solid background in project management, program management and people management, I have developed into a very skilled, appreciative and present lean agile leader and coach. I strive to balance my leading and coaching in all three layers of Shu-Ha-Ri and I believe in a straight pragmatic approach towards the various methodologies – mostly Scrum/XP, Kanban and Lean. I have experience with many different agile transitions – from single co-located teams to large programs with distributed teams and use of EDC’s - combining elements from SAFe, LeSS and other well established frameworks with home grown elements and situational problem solving. I work well with both the business side and the IT side, acknowledging the different needs and challenges that arises in the two areas - I see it as one of my main contributions to bring business and IT closer together. Additionally I consider self-organization, emphasis on craftsmanship and test-automation in combination with CI, as key elements in any agile journey.

Experience Reports
Many organizations have chosen SAFe as the vehicle to drive their enterprise wide transformation, and whilst SAFe is a broad opinionated framework that gives answers for much …

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