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Michael McCalla

Michael McCalla is a technology leader, transformation specialist, and avid agile practitioner. He has a passion for building great products and coaching organizations to create a value driven environment that fosters collaboration, empowerment, safety, and learning. Michael has spent the last five years leading enterprise-wide agile adoption initiatives. He has broad range of experience applying agile to small teams, large distributed teams, and portfolio management. Michael is President of Achieving Agility, an consultancy firm with a hands-on, pragmatic, and adaptable coaching approach that uses a blend of Agile and Lean practices to enable their clients to reach their desired outcomes. He is also a Board Member of the Agile Uprising, a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between leading Agilists. He recently was named to the review board of the Agile Practice Guide, a collaborative effort between the Agile Alliance and PMI. Michael's latest initiative is Lean Agile Intelligence ( , the industry’s first customizable organizational change and learning tool. Lean Agile Intelligence leverages the power of big data and business intelligence to identify continuous improvement and investment opportunities that contribute to your organization’s vision and objectives. Our mission is to provide Agile teams with the guidance needed to adopt and experiment with Agile practices the way they were intended to be applied, and create a direct feedback channel from the people doing the work to those making decisions so that organizations can quickly identify impediments preventing them from achieving desired business outcomes.

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