Bonnie Aumann

Speaker, trainer, and jane-of-all-trades. I work with organizations interested in building a more sustainable, beautiful, open world and workplace. As an early adopter of Agile, I've spent 12 years on the product and people side of web development. In 2013, I completed my MBA at Cambridge University with a concentration in entrepreneurship and beyond profit business models. My career as a change agent has taken me through start ups and Fortune 100 companies alike, and has, through some unknown grace, been spent vocally out of the closet. Her focus on team dynamics, Lean and Agile thinking, and radical transparency is influenced by her dabbling in learner cultures, user-centered marketing, queer theory, fire spinning, and paper craft. To further her mission, she is a collaborator on the Agile Fluency Project, which works to spread the insights of the Agile Fluency Model. Since my day job can be pretty intangible, I like to fill my spare time with hands-on projects: fixing broken things, cooking, woodworking, fire spinning. At conferences, you can most often find me in a quiet corner of a loud room engrossed in conversation.