Harold Shinsato

Harold Shinsato is a management consultant, coach and teacher. He has been programming for over 30 years and helped found Montana Code School and develop and deliver their curricula including a 12 week web development bootcamp with 95% post class job placement and $30K annualized salary increases for our students. Harold is co-author of the "OpenSpace Agility Handbook", and co-authored software patent 6108698. He has over a decade of Agile experience that includes bringing eXtreme Programming to software teams, being a Scrum Master, giving presentations at Agile conferences like Agile 2011, Agile CultureCon, and AgileOpen events, and multiple trainings from Agile Learning Labs & the Agile Coaching Institute. Harold is certified as a Scrum Master with the Scrum Alliance, and as a coach with the International Coaching Federation. Harold cultivates culture change through “social technologies” that include Open Space Technology (OST), unconferences, co-active coaching, and applying Agile Software approaches to non-technical issues for clients like SAP, Intuit, Capital One, MIT's Medicine Hackathons, the University of Montana, Oregon State University, the Agile Coaching Institute, and more. He has years of Open Space facilitation experience and sits on board of the Open Space Institute and founded and serves as Executive Director of Montana Agile Culture House which has facilitated culture change in Western Montana through public unconferences.