Jeroen Molenaar

I am an eager and result driven Agile coach / Change agent with a background in webdevelopment and architecture. I build an extensive knowledge and experience in the Scrum framework and Agile mindset and am a pragmatic, hands-on, yet a creative solution solver. In the agile coaching role I try to motivate the organization (management as well as teams), enabling everyone to excel in their own specific discipline. Besides that I love to get the organization in a vibe where we can create small agile speedboats from the big oil-tanker boats; get the entrepreneurial skills and behavior back to the enterprise. Create and measure proper value, create a learning/improving/innovating organization. I build a broad experience as a Scrum Master / Agile coach and have experienced the ups and downs every project faces in management as well as hands-on roles. This enables me to quickly determine, select, solve and master issues on new projects. I am a very pragmatic focused Agile (management) coach, achieving results in accordance with your needs. The building up a broad experience in the technical environments and a considerable amount of mobile and marketing experience and knowledge, shows my eagerness to keep up with the latest trends. Presented at: Scrum gathering 2012 - Atlanta Agile 2014 - Orlando