Shami Ahuja

Shami is a seasoned technologist with a passion to design, develop and evangelize innovative solutions. Results-driven leader with the capacity to understand complexity and effectively work with a cross functional delivery team. Experience in quickly identifying elegant technical strategies and effectively manage a team, empowering engineers to create the best possible solution while balancing business needs and mitigating risk. Strong communication skills, and ability to easily build relationships and connect end users to these products, allowing stakeholders and technologists alike to discover their value. Unique combination of technical experience (via roles as a solution architect), user centered design (via leading UXA team and serving in role of product owner/product manager), and deep agile expertise (by training, coaching, & managing a team of 50+ scrum masters, and leading the agile training for 500+ consultants & agile coaching for various clients). These areas of expertise have been honed in varying environments, both in startups and large enterprises.

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