Manjit Singh

Manjit Singh is the founder and President of Agilious, a technology consulting firm specializing in applying Agile-Lean methods to help organizations accelerate their business agility. Manjit has deep passion and experience in applying Agile-Lean thinking and design to all aspects of an enterprise. He has extensive experience collaborating and coaching leaders in shaping their strategic vision and craft a roadmap for their organization’s agility. He has been participating on Agile projects since 2000, and has led Agile and Lean adoption and implementations for a diverse array of clients, both public sector and commercial, including several Fortune 500 clients. As an Enterprise Agility Coach, Manjit helps organizations improve their agility. Manjit has led the evolution of organizations from individuals seeking better ways to deliver products, to small cross-functional teams, to teams of teams with the same purpose in mind. Manjit is the co-author of The Lean Playbook: Build a Lean Organization Yourself. The book presents a different take on showing you, from a practical standpoint, what ‘Lean‘ is and how positively it can affect your company. Manjit conducts agile and Scrum trainings and is active as an Enterprise Agile Coach. Manjit holds various agile certifications: Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), ICAgile Agile Coach Expert (ICP-ACE), Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), SAFe (SPC4), and Scrum Alliance’s CSM, CSPO credentials. Manjit has an MS in Computer Science from SUNY Albany and a BE in Computer Engineering from the University of Bombay. Manjit also holds a patent in digital cryptography.