Deb Pontes

Deb Pontes is an agile coach with expertise in using OpenSpace Agility to lead lasting organizational change. The key to unlocking the magic of hyper-productivity is team empowerment which ultimately increases engagement and productivity. Empowerment at the team level is not as easy as it sounds. This is not a one size fits all for every organization or for every team or even for every individual. The work to unlock this at the organizational level has to be approached from the bottom up and from the top down. Each individual on each team has a part in shaping the culture of the organization. The leaders of an organization play the critical role of authentically authorizing team autonomy and empowerment. The only way to get control is to give it up! This may not sit well with every leader. OpenSpace Agility provides a time box and structure for teams and organizations to experiment with process in service to finding the right size of bounded authority to best serve the organization. The balance between doing and being is important to note. In a corporation the pendulum often swings heavily toward the doing. This is also a hallmark of modern life; the pendulum almost always swings toward doing. How often do we find the elusive time to just enjoy the moment? There is a growing need in the broader culture outside of organizations to take the time to be. Meditate, exercise, breathe deeply, be happy! When we get this balance right, the doing naturally leads to the elusive hyper productivity. In the context of organizations, Agile (Manifesto) principles are the guardrails that allow the organization to fine tune the balance between doing and being. You often hear the goal in an Agile Transformation is to move from doing Agile to being Agile. This is of course in service to the organizations, but on a grander scale it is in service to the human beings who are much happier when they are not in a system where they are human doings.