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Paul Hammond

Paul is a 25+ year veteran of the software industry, and a 15+ year convert to agile principles and practices for delivering software. He joined Zoopla in 2019 to lead their engineering team, after almost 3 years at eBay leading their European Product Development team, and nearly 15 years at Microsoft in the MSN and Skype product teams. As a senior Engineering Leader, Paul's passion is growing and leading large geographically dispersed agile development teams. Together, Paul and his teams have shipped large-scale web, mobile and communications products that are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. He has also spearheaded agile adoption and long-term transformation of both his own and other product teams within Microsoft and eBay, and has coached and mentored colleagues and teams at other external organizations. Paul has been involved with the Agile20XX Conference since 2007, and he had the privilege of being the Agile2015 Conference Chair.

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