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  • Team and personal learning, moving from scrum master to Agile coach, and moving to enterprise-level coach February 25, 2020
    In this episode, we talk about how people learn both at the team and personal level.  We also talk about how somebody moves to an Agile coach role from scrum master, and how to become an enterprise-level coach. (00:00) Introductions(02:17) Learning at the team and personal level(29:20) How do you move from scrum master to Agile […]
  • Moving boldly into the New Year, how to not be an outsider as a scrum master, and effective team communications. January 29, 2020
    In this episode, we talk about people's big Agile wins in 2019 and what they want to get done in 2020.  We also answer the question of how to not be an outsider as a scrum master, and we look at how to reflect on our own behavior and team communications.  (00:00) Introductions(03:45) What are […]
  • Building an octopus organization and supporting sustainability December 18, 2019
    An exclusive interview with the Supporting Agile Adoption Initiative at their yearly meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.   Attendees included Hendrik Esser of Ericsson,  Eric Abelen of ING,  Bjarte Bogsnes of Equinor, Jutta Eckstein of IT communication, Jorgen Hesselberg of Comparative Agility, Jens Coldewey of Improuv,  Marcin Floryan of Spotify,  John Buck of Governance Alive, Elena […]
  • Why ask permission to be better, the nature of work and frameworks, and assessing Agile maturity November 23, 2019
    In this last episode of the year: (2:24) We explore why people seek permission to improve products, their teams, and themselves(26:52) Do you use different frameworks depending on the nature of the work?(37:42) How do you assess Agile maturity?Special thanks to the outstanding work of my ACN hosting team.  Thank you so much Hendrik Esser, Jörg […]
  • A live chat with thought leaders in the Agile test community about Agile and test. November 12, 2019
    This is a special ACN that was recorded live with Eddy Bruin, Kristine Corbus, Paul Holland, Tom Roden, David Evans, Damian Synadinos and Huib Schoots at the Agile Testing Days event in Germany.  We talk about the benefits of a stand-alone Agile conference focused on test, how Agile has changed test professionals, and what are […]