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Week before last, I gave you my own perspective on why the Boot Camp track was a great way for novices to ease into the Agile conference. Today we hear about the track “from the horse’s mouth” – Alan Dayley, who co-chairs Boot Camp.

Alan: This year I am co-chairing the Agile Boot Camp Track for the Agile 2013 conference. For me the words “boot camp” bring to mind obstacle courses, mud and hardship. We are certainly not planning such things for our attendees! We are creating a curriculum intended to provide a wide foundation for people new to Agile ideas.

Years ago when I first started on my journey about Agile ways of working I was alone in a sea of information. I sought and learned on my own for a time. There were many sources of ideas and information, both good and bad. It took a lot of effort to learn the basics and then to find the gems that would work for me and the work I was doing. This experience left me with a strong passion for helping others. When getting started on something so different from the traditional ways of thinking, it is great to have someone to give some guidance. I enjoy being a guide and help to people just starting out.

The Agile Boot Camp track for Agile 2013 was curated and built specifically to provide a broad foundation of Agile ideas. Jeff Nielsen and I first created a curriculum of essential knowledge with help from other organizers. We laid these ideas out into seven sessions to be presented on Monday and Tuesday of the conference week. Then we sought and invited people from the Agile community who are known for their capabilities in the selected areas. We are excited to have seven excellent people who will each be presenting a part of the integrated curriculum of Agile basics.

If you are planning to attend the Agile Boot Camp Track, I recommend that you enjoy all the sessions. Each presenter will bring their own views and experience to you, while you still get a full foundation of all the fundamental ideas of Agile practices and thinking. This foundation will serve you well in subsequent sessions and for long after the conference.

When you come to the conference, please seek me out. I’d love to have conversations, deep and wide, about your own Agile journey!


About the Author

After a first career as a software developer (20 years of coding experience) and a few years as an independent consultant, Laurent Bossavit now heads Institut Agile, whose aims include helping Agile software development become better established as a research topic and as a discipline, and helping grow a healthier market for clients and suppliers leveraging these practices.

Passionate about helping people in various Agile communities network and support each other, Laurent is a former member of the board of the Agile Alliance, a recipient of the 2006 Gordon Pask award for contributions to Agile practice and co-founder of the Coding Dojos.

This is an Agile Alliance community blog post. Opinions represented are personal and belong solely to the author. They do not represent opinion or policy of Agile Alliance.

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