Making the Old New

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021 — Online

9-11am PT | 12-2pm ET | 6-8pm CET

Celebrating bounty & abundance, reflecting on what is essential & what can be set aside.

We’re inviting you to let the good times roll down at the Agile Mardi Gras on February 16, 2021.  Join us for a gathering of change-makers — including project managers, scrum masters, product owners and other folk—who are still uncovering newer and better ways of developing software (and more). This world-wide, online Mardi Gras will be a reflection on the next 20 years of the Agile Manifesto. 


Whether you call it Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, Carnevale, Fasching, Fasnacht, or the Mardi Gras, this day is marked by global celebrations linked to traditions originating in old Europe. Carnival has been continuously refined, reinterpreted and reimagined around the world—just like Agile. Taking inspiration from this, we want to focus on renewing our old individual and cultural Agile practices.


Our theme is Making the Old New. Please leave your nostalgia behind. Let’s make this Agile Mardi Gras a fun quest for new abundance, equity and inclusion—and better ways of developing software. 


Carnival celebrations are known for costumes, masks, revelry and satire. This invites revellers to share their truth in safety. We’ll create and hold space for you to do the same. Dress up welcome! This gathering will be a lightly facilitated event that’s part Mardi Gras parade, part World Cafe, part Open Jam, and part Retrospective.


What to expect:

  • A online Mardi-Gras themed open jam and retrospective party where we’ll do some serious work and let the good times roll together


What you’ll take away:

  • Reflection on what Agile thinking and practices have worked well for you, and what you’re ready to set aside to make space for uncovering new ways of doing things.  
  • Intention setting for 2021

We’ll be sharing more details of what’s in store — and some reflections on Carnival in all its forms — in the next days and weeks. Register now to make sure you get all the latest news. We want to go down to the Mardi Gras with you!

Agile Alliance is offering this event as part of the Agile20Reflect festival, a global community-led festival to celebrate 20 years of Agile.

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