Agile2024 Technology For All

Join the worldwide Agile community at Agile2024, the premier in-person event of the year! Our “Technology for All” track empowers every team member with cutting-edge tools and practices. Below are but a few of the many sessions at Agile2024 covering the latest in Agile technology, ensuring your organization stays ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. 

Nayan Hajratwala
Software Teams

Continuous Deployment: A Practical Roadmap for Software Teams

with Nayan Hajratwala

Embarking on Continuous Deployment (CD) can be daunting. This session offers a clear roadmap for efficient software delivery. Learn the importance of CD, key parts like automated testing and feature flags, and how to ensure smooth deployments. Nayan will cover initial steps, common hurdles, and strategies to foster a collaborative team culture. Discover how CD improves time-to-market, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Read more

Software Teams

Sphere of Control: Techniques to Tackle Tech Debt Today

with Dustin Thostenson

Between aggressive deadlines and mounting technical debt, teams often feel helpless. They struggle to deliver high-quality solutions that delight users. Leaders may not always help, and teams grapple to break free. Thankfully, there are proven tactics to tackle tech debt now! You don’t need a dedicated department. You and your team can solve this! Learn technical, political, and procedural techniques to create more joy in new work with less pain from the old. Read more

Software Teams

Agile Fitness: Measure and Improve Your Team's Technical Health

with Declan Whelan

Maintaining and enhancing technical health is crucial for value delivery and organizational Agility. This workshop offers tools and techniques to improve technical health, focusing on DORA metrics: Deployment Frequency, Lead Time for Changes, Time to Restore Services, and Change Failure Rate. Measure these for your team, compare with others, and explore ways to improve. Leave with a worksheet to enhance your organization’s technical health. Read more

“Agile2024 is such an amazing conference! I love seeing my peer Agilists, the learning, the events and after-events. I start and end with high energy. Start with excitement for what is coming and end with the excitement of who I reconnect with, who I met, what I learned, and what fun I had.”

– Agile2023 Attendee Survey Feedback

Anna Royzman
Quality Engineers

Quality for All: Integrating Critical Thinking, Quality Advocacy and AI for Agility and Inclusion

with Anna Royzman

In an era of rapid technological advancements and evolving market demands, delivering high-quality products is essential. This session introduces an innovative approach to quality, empowering individuals at every stage of product development. Learn a comprehensive framework for integrating critical thinking, quality advocacy, and a testing mindset. Gain strategies and tools to break down silos, involve every team member, enhance product reliability, reduce defects, and deliver greater value to customers. Read more

Security professionals

Optimizing Development Processes for Enhancing Information Security in Organizations

with Kathi Paquet

Organizations today face security and scalability challenges in ensuring proper security policies and practices to prevent intrusions, protect data, and ensure compliance. Modernizing the Identity Access & Management (IAM) framework is crucial to address audit findings, disconnected solutions, manual processes, legacy technologies, and evolving digital environments. This session guides you on an IAM modernization journey to enhance security Agility and address risks and vulnerabilities effectively. Read more

Dwayne McDaniel
Security professionals

Championing Security: Scaling Security At Every Level

with Dwayne McDaniel

Security teams are vastly outnumbered, making it nearly impossible to secure every aspect of an organization. Enter the age of Security Champions—team members outside of security who volunteer to stay updated on security practices and spread the word. They help apply best practices and inform security teams about challenges. This session explores guidelines from open-source communities like OWASP’s Security Champions Guide and shares best practices for starting a program and getting your teams on board. Read more

“I really enjoyed the conference this year, the venue and location were great and the sessions I attended were fulfilling. Looking forward to Texas next year!”

– Agile2023 Attendee Survey Feedback

Data Engineers

Marie Kondo Your Data Pipelines with SQLMesh

with Marisa Smith

Bring joy back to data pipelines. Data is crucial for decisions, efficiency, AI, and user interactions, but fragile pipelines challenge DevOps engineers, leading to costly outages, inaccurate reporting, and delays. SQLMesh, an open-source project, offers a novel workflow to manage evolving data pipelines. This session covers common challenges, SQLMesh concepts like virtual environments and continuous testing, and includes a demo. Join Marisa to explore tools that enhance development speed and minimize errors. Read more


Gamify Operations: How to inspire teams to catalyze incident response

with Nathan Merrill

Raise the game on daily tasks! If your organization has nagging tasks that drag down every retrospective, join this session to prioritize and gamify these tasks. Learn from 20+ years of experience inspiring teams through healthy competition. Discover how to gamify essential but tedious work like writing support documentation. Experience techniques to prioritize tasks, create engaging user journeys, and develop skills to transform and market your gamified solutions. Hear entertaining stories and learn to gamify your team’s necessary work for lasting results. Read more

Clint Byrum

Wisdom From The Sharp End: Learning From Incidents

with Clint Byrum

Nobody likes discussing mistakes, especially in “post-mortems.” But those at the sharp end of mistakes in tech-driven companies feel the most pain and often lack time to process events. This leads to a blame game and quick fixes without real learning. Instead of viewing incidents as speed bumps, see them as gas station stops—a chance to stretch, breathe, and celebrate the incredible efforts of experts. This session reimagines incident reviews to support learning and adaptation in an ever-changing world. Read more

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